Established in 1983, The AKD Group has a stronghold over several industries today. It consists of AKD Facilities Management, AKD Property Holdings, AK Digital, AKD Human Resources, Imperium Alliance, Mrs. Hunts Agency, Total Integrated Services and Top Notch Nannies that specialize in the listed services:

  • AKD Facilities Management (UK): Over 10 years experience in providing manned guarding and dog handling services along with professional cleaning, property & ground maintenance services.
  • Top Notch Nannies (UK): Established in 1994 to provide childcare professionals worldwide.
  • AKD Human Resources (UK): Providing clients with temporary, permanent and emergency healthcare specialists, FM engineers as well as supply chain and logistics management staff.
  • Mrs Hunts Agency (UK): Founded in 1857 by Mrs Ellen Hunt to supply all types of domestic staffing services to middle and upper-class families across the UK.
  • Imperium Alliance (Pakistan): Commodity trading, defense goods supply and procurement, security solutions as well as consultancy advice for corporates.
  • Total Integrated Services (UK): Providing security and recruitment services all over the UK.
  • AKD Property holdings (UK): Investing and developing property portfolios across upcoming areas in the UK.
  • AK Digital (PAKISTAN): Operations and IT Management for multiple ventures in UK and Pakistan.
  • Imperium Construction & Developments (PAKISTAN): Constructing and developing residential and commercial projects across multiple cities.

With a visionary leader, The AKD Group has come a long way in developing a diverse portfolio of services and continues to strive for greater reach to expand our business further. We are a strong force on all fronts owing to our four sub-companies.

Ultimately, over time, many of our goals have changed as we tried our best to adapt to unique situations. However, one aspect remained constant: our determination.